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"When you think of interaplayable metaversal gaming, technology innovation, digital identity and true digital ownership, think of NewGen Labs. We were founded upon three main pillars: AAA grade game development, blockchain technology & AI activations. All pillars fuel each other into giving you, the player, the power to gather, inform, transact, play and create using the safest and most advanced technologies available, while bridging the gap between the industries that you love: Gaming, Fashion & Entertainment.

The future of the gaming industry is in your hands. Games backed by the Blockchain, give power back to those who invest their time & passion into the games they love. True digital ownership is the future of your digital footprint, and this is why NewGen Labs is Your Unfinished Legacy ... "

- AA

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Forge UE5

Th3 F0rg3 Ar3n4

// Closed Beta on Epic Games Store!

After accomplishing our initial milestones during the years 2021-2023, NewGen Labs has joined forces with Equinox Games to elevate The Forge Arena to an unprecedented level. Our esteemed studio is currently engaged in developing the inaugural Closed Beta Phase, anticipated to debut on the Epic Games Store by Q2 2024.. Powered by the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 version and the best technology that Blockchain has to offer, players can look forward to an array of enhanced visuals, exciting features, and fresh content!

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Generate Your NFT



Unveiled on the WAX Blockchain in 2021, the GEN-ZERO aims to transform the gaming landscape by enabling users to produce exclusive and distinctive digital items like weapon skins, character skins, models, and props for map creators. The initial implementation of these generators will be within The Forge Arena ecosystem, with plans to gradually incorporate them into various projects and games. Anticipated to launch in 2024, a total of 1,111 generators are currently accessible for acquisition on WAX-powered Marketplaces.

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In the wake of our triumphant venture with OPSkins, culminating in its acquisition by the WAX Blockchain, our dedicated team is now poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape once again with OPMarket. Anticipated to launch on April 30th, 2024, our marketplace aims to establish itself as the benchmark for an advanced and interconnected future that seamlessly merges traditional gaming with the cutting-edge realm of WEB3.

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Utility Tokens

// Get more for your time.

The future of the gaming industry is in its players’ hands. Blockchain gaming gives power back to those who devote their lives to the games they love. Play to earn and user ownership are the future of blockchain-based gaming and this is why in 2024, we are giving power back to the players. By playing The Forge Arena and participating in our ecosystem, you will be earning different types of credits for different actions performed within the ecosystem. Collect these credits to power our tools and products.

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    Rewarded for completing specific daily challenges or fulfilling match goals during a Forge Arena Match, such as killing the opposite match leader, plant & defuse the orb.

  • Bounty Icon


    Rewarded for every kill you make in the Arena. Received as a Battle Pass reward as well. You can use Soul with our Generator and buy assets off the Soul Marketplace.

  • Bounty Icon


    Rewarded at the end of each finished Forge Arena match. Based on Kills & Assists. Bonus reward for winning the game and bonus if you play the Competitive Mode.

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    Purchasable through playforge.gg website. Used to fuel the Generator and to acquire digital assets from our primary marketplace.



Tailored for the future you deserve

Our team of specialists approached the launch of our governance token with extreme caution. We were determined not to rush the process in any way. Thus, we meticulously undertook measures to ensure that when the opportune moment arrives, we execute it flawlessly. To secure a sustainable future for our ecosystems, our focus lay on constructing an optimal framework and devising ingenious strategies for our upcoming ecosystem. In the forthcoming months, you shall gain further insights into our comprehensive blueprint for $OPCOIN.

Q2 2024


The X between Games you love.

The convergence of gaming, fashion, and entertainment is on the horizon, and we aim to redefine their boundaries. While exploring the existing technologies, we noticed a subtle void that needs filling. In order to ensure that our noble mission at NewGen Labs stays unbreakable, we have taken it upon ourselves to construct an impeccable network: OPXCHAIN. This initiative will seamlessly integrate with our current and upcoming endeavors, laying the foundation for a future like no other. We are creating the network that transcends limitations of the physical and digital realms. As we forge ahead, envisioning new milestones and breakthroughs, the anticipation is palpable. OPCOIN and its remarkable features hold the key to unlocking unprecedented opportunities for a brighter future for all.